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Allyssa Jomei serves as the esteemed Executive Director for Peers Empower Peers, where she exemplifies her passion for fostering a supportive community. In addition to her role, Allyssa is an esteemed Interfaith Spiritual Director and a highly skilled Reiki Master Teacher.

Having obtained her certification as a peer in 2014, Allyssa has dedicated herself to making a positive impact by actively volunteering and working with various non-profit organizations throughout her career. In doing so, she has embarked on a journey filled with unexpected and exhilarating opportunities, allowing her understanding of peer support to flourish and develop on a daily basis.

Allyssa's profound appreciation for her work lies in the remarkable connections she has formed and the captivating narratives she has encountered. Each encounter and interaction within the peer community continues to astound and inspire her. She remains humbled and delighted by the extraordinary individuals she has met along the way.

Allyssa's commitment to non-profit work and her unwavering dedication to the peer community have shaped her into a compassionate leader, driven by her deep admiration for the people she encounters.

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Allyssa Jomei

Allyssa Jomei is a passionate peer. She is motivated by her own powerful and transformative journey of healing, self-growth and self-discovery. She is described by friends as joyful, silly, empathic and thoughtful. When she is not working, Allyssa loves being outdoors, and spending time with her daughter and loved ones. She feels blessed to be a part of the peer movement that is changing our world for the better!

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis is the PR Manager at Jones Community Solutions. He is a devoted father and a passionate advocate for empowering others. Jordan is thrilled to attend the Peers Empower Peers Conference as an emerging leader. His diverse range of skills include being a certified peer counselor in training, an artist, a community convener, a visionary & futurist. By combining these roles, he bring a unique perspective and a strong sense of purpose to the conference.

Terrance Nelson

Terrance Nelson came to Spokane from Alaska in 2010 beginning his journey of recovery. Over the last 13 years he has explored community building while utilizing person centered care and at the heart of this workshop he shares insight into a core value of his self-care: Exercising Your Yes and Protecting Your No. He brings laughter and stories to share that will help each one in attendance understand the value of self-care and leave refreshed as they go back in to serving others.

James Tillett

The curator of creativity and innovator of antics when it comes to Peer support. Highly passionate and dedicated to providing compassionate support to the individuals in co- occurring recovery. Enthusiasm, and strength based beliefs allow for him to get the most of of his community members and partners never hesitating to build bridges when given the chance.

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