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Allyssa Jomei - Executive Director

Allyssa Jomei is a Certified Peer Counselor, Trauma Informed Interfaith Spiritual Director, Reiki Master/Teacher, lay ordained Zen Buddhist and devoted mother.

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John Bodkins - President

John Bodkins is an exceptional individual who holds the esteemed positions of President of Peers Empower Peers and Executive Director for Dads on Fire. With a passion for mental health, John has acquired multiple certifications as a trainer in this field. His unwavering commitment to education advocacy constantly drives him to explore new frontiers and share his wealth of knowledge.

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James Tillett - Vice President

James Tillett was born and raised in Spokane, WA. He is a Recovery Coach, Certified Peer Counselor, Group Facilitator, and he has an Associate’s Degree in Psychology through the University of Phoenix.

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Currently Unfulfilled

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