Tommie Kessler

About Me

Tommie Kessler is a nature gal through and through. She loves backpacking and being by the water. Her obsession is collecting nature pieces and making art out of it. Tommie also enjoys meditation and yoga. She has been working as a Peer Supporter for almost 3 years and she is healthier because of it. Tommie feels she learns and grows every day due to the contact she has with other peers. She loves facilitating groups and is honored to be trusted by her peers, especially in one-on-one sessions. Peer Support isn’t just a job for her; it is a lifestyle. Tommie is passionate about seeing the Peer Support movement grow and change the world. She is also passionate about building community for all people.

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Jim Wikel

Jim Wikel is a Citizen of The Seneca-Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma, mixed blood, German/Scotch-Irish on my Father's Side In long term recovery from addiction and mental health challenges I've been a peer supporter since 2015 Currently live in Salem OR Currently working for The Confederated Tribes of The Grand Ronde Great Circle Recovery Opioid Treatment Center.

John Bodkins

John is the Co-Director of the nonprofit, Dads Move and holds several certifications as a trainer in Mental Health. He is always seeking to break new ground and share his knowledge of education advocacy.

Shaun Worthy

Shaun is a full custody father, entrepreneur, author, and thought leader. The CEO/Owner of IAMWORTHY & Associates LLC is a purpose-pushing youth development professional.

Amanda Major Polley, CPC

A native to the Pacific North West, Amanda is the Supportive Housing Program Manager and Trainer with the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery since 2018. Serving Eastern Washington as a certified peer in 2011.

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