Shaun Worthy

About Me

Shaun is a full custody father, entrepreneur, author, and thought leader. The CEO/Owner of IAMWORTHY & Associates LLC is a purpose-pushing youth development professional. He is using his life experiences, contagious passion, and good trouble mentality to impact his community and the field of youth development. Shaun has dedicated his life to social justice work and being a servant to worthy causes. Some of his goals are to help others become professional youth workers, become a leader in youth development, and impact as many lives as possible. Shaun wants to inspire, provoke thought, and provide value to anyone he can.

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Evelyn Clark

Evelyn Clark is a Mexican-Native American woman whois passionate about Racial Equity, Leadershipdevelopment and peer support. She has nearly 15years of experience serving young people and theirfamilies who were system involved.

Eric Burns

Eric is the Program Manager for the Veteran Peer Services Program with the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs. He has worked within Peer-based models of support since 2019, serving as the Vet Corps Member at Pacific Lutheran University from 2019-2021, then serving as the Lead Suicide Prevention Peer Specialist with the WDVA from 2020-2021. Eric comes from a military background, having served in the U.S. Army as a combat medic from 2006-2014 with one tour to Afghanistan. Since retiring from the military he has worked to bridge the gap between civilian and military cultures, working closely with other organizations to develop best practices in creating a Veteran-ready & inclusive environment.

Siproena Johnson

My name is Siproena Johnson and I found origami to be a natural resource for my mental and physical health after being diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis in my early childhood.

Jim Wikel

Jim Wikel is a Citizen of The Seneca-Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma, mixed blood, German/Scotch-Irish on my Father's Side In long term recovery from addiction and mental health challenges I've been a peer supporter since 2015 Currently live in Salem OR Currently working for The Confederated Tribes of The Grand Ronde Great Circle Recovery Opioid Treatment Center.

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