Jason Clark and Khalia Williams-O’Neal

About Me

Jason Clark is a Father, mentor and the Director of Northwest Credible Messenger (NWCM), a Capacity Building organization developed to empower the next generation of Black and Brown leadership. From being a resident of WA DOC to being a project manager for the largest trial court system in the state, Jason utilizes his personal and professional experience to develop relationships that produce results and empower others through NWCM's statewide consortium to maximizing collective personal and community impact, building visibility of NWCM's statewide efforts.

Jason is a Prosecution Beyond Big Cities Leader for the Institute of Innovation in Prosecution at John Jay College, a 2019 JLUSA Leading with Conviction Fellow and a 2019 Civil Survival Justice in Policy Fellow. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, is a certified Project Manager as well as a Council member of the Thurston County Racial Equity and Inclusion Council. NWCM, is the Washington State Ambassador for CM3, the National Credible Messenger Mentoring Movement and Jason credits his greatest success to the POWER in UNITY

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Carolyn M Cox & Peers

SPARK is a group of students/youth/young adults who have participated in and graduated from The SPARK Program (Students Providing And Receiving Knowledge). SPARK supports a career pathway to becoming a Certified Peer Counselor in Washington State. The program includes a course to learn who you are and what you want to do with your life.

Siproena Johnson

My name is Siproena Johnson and I found origami to be a natural resource for my mental and physical health after being diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis in my early childhood.

John Bodkins

John is the Co-Director of the nonprofit, Dads Move and holds several certifications as a trainer in Mental Health. He is always seeking to break new ground and share his knowledge of education advocacy.

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