James Tillett

About Me

James Tillett was born and raised in Spokane, WA. He is a Recovery Coach,
Certified Peer Counselor, Group Facilitator, and he has an Associate’s Degree in
Psychology through the University of Phoenix. James has a wide array of lived
experiences from years of addiction and mental health struggles. He has performed as a
standup comedian locally and has even headlined at the Crawdad Fest in Troy,
Montana. He has become ever more passionate about his recovery after almost losing
his life in February of 2021 from endocarditis, pneumonia, and many other addiction
inflicted illnesses. James is currently on the board of the Peer Network and the steering
committee for the Washington Syndemic Planning Committee, which is aimed at tackling
HIV, Hep C, and STI infections in Washington state. He's currently employed by Peer
Spokane as the Volunteer Coordinator. In his off time, James enjoys creative outlets like
cartoon art, music, writing and he is well known for his extensive collection of wrestling
action figures.

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