Evelyn Clark

About Me

Evelyn Clark is a Mexican-Native American woman who is passionate about Racial Equity, Leadership development and peer support. She has nearly 15 years of experience serving young people and their families who were system involved. Evelyn is also a Certified peer counselor. She dedicated her career empowering young people and their families to get involved in this work. She is a proud recipient of the 2019 Peer Alternatives youth and young adult leadership award. Evelyn’s mission is to end racial and ethnic disparities within systems of care and to promote leadership opportunities for the BIPOC workforce.

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Shaun is a full custody father, entrepreneur, author, and thought leader. The CEO/Owner of IAMWORTHY & Associates LLC is a purpose-pushing youth development professional.

Carolyn M Cox & Peers

SPARK is a group of students/youth/young adults who have participated in and graduated from The SPARK Program (Students Providing And Receiving Knowledge). SPARK supports a career pathway to becoming a Certified Peer Counselor in Washington State. The program includes a course to learn who you are and what you want to do with your life.

Amanda Major Polley, CPC

A native to the Pacific North West, Amanda is the Supportive Housing Program Manager and Trainer with the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery since 2018. Serving Eastern Washington as a certified peer in 2011.

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John is the Co-Director of the nonprofit, Dads Move and holds several certifications as a trainer in Mental Health. He is always seeking to break new ground and share his knowledge of education advocacy.

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