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Ashley Albert is from Seattle, Wa.  A certified peer counselor in Wa state. She is a formerly incarcerated woman, a youth who aged out of foster care at eighteen years old, a parent affected by the family regulation system who shares her experiences to help others achieve freedom. Manifesting as an activist and advocate surrounding policy and systemic change at the local, state, and national level through her lived experience. She is experienced in Trauma and Crisis Prevention, has coauthored two abstracts for the Colombia Journal of Race and Law; Shattered Bonds Symposium "Dorothy Roberts." She recently completed a 8 month Leadership Academy cohort for survivors- Heal 2 Action with collective Justice, under the restorative justice framework. She spends her time educating and advocating on behalf of birth parents whom are former foster youth and now parents navigating the Family Regulation System.  She speaks on Social Justice and equity as a suicide attempt survivor. Her energy and commitment to support women and girls  experiencing sexual assault and domestic violence, and the commitment to join the movement to end violence to women and girls goes without saying.  She elegantly speaks to the impacts of untreated childhood trauma through the lens of a young black girl creating her own pathways as a African American woman in society. She speaks to lack of resources offered to minority teen moms and the ways systems have shown up as punitive and non supportive. She is currently contracted through the WSCADV on ending the attack against mothers and children who are DV survivors, separated by the family regulation system. This has led to the idea  of co-creating a handbook on "how to speak from your trauma as a domestic violence survivor and the stressors of losing your children to CPS".

Ashley is the founder and Executive Director of Intuned Consulting LLC. Steering committee member for the national Repeal ASFA campaign. She serves as an advisor for the Office of Behavioral Health Advisory Counsel and the Peer Support Advisory Counsel through the Wa Health Care Authority. She is currently working on a bill for legislative session 2023 in Wa state around Adoption Agreements and accountability for adoptive parents when they fail to follow visitation for children and biological parents in the contract.

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Jason Clark and Khalia Williams-O’Neal

Jason Clark is a Father, mentor and the Director of Northwest Credible Messenger (NWCM), a Capacity Building organization developed to empower the next generation of Black and Brown leadership. From being a resident of WA DOC to being a project manager for the largest trial court system in the state, Jason utilizes his personal and professional experience to develop relationships that produce results and empower others through NWCM's statewide consortium to maximizing collective personal and community impact, building visibility of NWCM's statewide efforts.


I am 1 of 11 children raised in a combined family. I have over 20 nieces and nephews and I am the best auntie-mommy! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and am currently in my Master’s program for Mental Health Counseling with Capella University. I am the owner of Anchored Consulting & Coaching, LLC, and have worked as a Peer Specialist for almost a year.I have successfully managed and consulted for businesses for the past 20 years. I love to hire, train, and build solid teams. I believe and live by the quote from John C. Maxwell that says, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” I live by the values of courage, connection, authenticity, resilience, and self-compassion. Together, we can heal, make an impact, and create a better world.

Cliff Hansen

Cliff Hansen is a certified youth peer support specialist at Frontier Behavioral Health where he uses his experience with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and substance abuse to help empower others. He has a master’s in Publishing from Portland State University and has spent much of his life living and working in developing countries around the world.

Evelyn Clark

Evelyn Clark is a Mexican-Native American woman whois passionate about Racial Equity, Leadershipdevelopment and peer support. She has nearly 15years of experience serving young people and theirfamilies who were system involved.

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