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November 12, 2022
4:05 pm
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Day 1
12:30 pm

Heart Folding for Healing

Healing hearts is an origami project for the mind and body. When folding it takes focus, patience, and practice to reach the goal of a single sheet folded figure or multi-unit design. In recovery, focus, patience, and practice is also relevant. 

Day 1
9:25 am

Strategies for Building Bridges and Networking with Confidence

Panelists will share their experience making connections in our peer community; having the confidence to reach out; seeking out and participating in mentorship opportunities; and the practical strategies and tools that they have used throughout making connections in our highly collaborative peer community.

Day 1
3:05 pm

Challenging fathers to become involved in their children's mental health care.

We strive to empower dads to be more fully engaged in their families life, and to become an equal participant in their child’s journey to recovery. We believe it takes a village to raise a child, and that village must include dads.

Day 1
2:00 pm

Peer Support In Tribal Communities

Not so much a "how to", rather I draw from my lived experience of what I call my evolutionary journey of becoming who I am, finding myself in the culture and language of my own people, and then bringing that my work with Native peers. Providing culturally competent peer support services in tribal communities.

Day 1
9:25 am

Journal Your Journey

Ever been told you should journal about it and thought that’s not for me or I don’t know how? What is so great about journaling anyway? There are so many ways to journal and I bet I can find a way that will work for you. Come experience journaling in a whole new way.

Day 1
9:25 am

Dismantling racism and creating safe spaces for BIPOC peers

Peer support has been around since 1970 and was created for the mental health system. Unfortunately, all systems across the nation have been built on racism. Learn from two experts who will share their personal stories of navigating the peer movement through a BIPOC lensand how to create different avenues for peers who identify as BIPOC.

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