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June 17, 2023
10:45 am
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Day 1
2:45 pm

Workshop 3A - Keep F*#%ing Going

Through culturally responsive information and dissemination approaches, this workshop will motivate and excite learners to "Keep F*#%ing Going" within their agencies, relationships, and lives.

Day 1
1:30 pm

Workshop 2B -Divine Creativity & Flow

This engaging and playful workshop will inspire, stretch and empower you to explore your contemplative and innovative sides! Through guided meditation, and creative expression we will find and tap into our powerful and nourishing flow state!

Day 1
11:00 am

Workshop 1B - Peer-ly Fun: Finding Fun & Balance in Recovery Supports

This workshop will help you learn how to build and foster the balance needed for a truly holistic approach to recovery and support. We will be utilizing humor and fun to help balance the heavier parts of the work we do.

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